bison.box: A software with many options

The growing complexity of markets and business operations makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of the changes in asset and portfolio management. The solution is our bison.box - a modular standard software that is flexible enough to adapt to any system. Whether individual assets or heterogeneous portfolios are considered, the bison.box provides a comprehensive and unified view over all data.

Twenty years of practical industry experience are reflected in the development of the software. Today it meets all the requirements in asset and portfolio management. Once installed the bison.box provides all options for extensions, which are needed individually. For data management, for reporting, planning and forecasting. Now and in the future.
  • bison.box Data integration

    bison.box Data integration

    Easily create a uniform basis for planning

    It does not matter who, where and in which system the property data is provided. The bison.box has access to the different source systems and combines all the information in a standardized database. A special tool ensures that the data is structured, sustainably and stably integrated into your system – either automatically via interfaces or by additional manual input.

    Thus the bison.box provides a uniform basis for planning as well as for flexible reporting. Customers can determine individually how often overviews of current assets or portfolios are required. According to requirements and questions the figures can be represented not only in a simple relation to each other, but also as multidimensional cubes.
  • bison.box Planning and Forecasting

    bison.box Planning and Forecasting

    Fast results at all levels

    What is the amount of returns and operating costs? To what extent does the current situation match up with the target specifications? What measures can be taken to optimize the revenues? How can we predict and control the performance? The bison.box answers all important questions – concerning the present and future of real assets.

    With the planning tools not only each individual asset can be analyzed, evaluated and managed. The bison.box also contains a pre-configured tool for planning the structure of a property company or the hierarchy level above - such as funds or holding companies. Thus meaningful results can quickly be generated at all levels.

    In order to ensure long term planning for objects the bison.box is also able to simulate different scenarios for the future - both with pre-defined as well as user-defined parameters and calculation methods.
  • bison.box Reporting

    bison.box Reporting

    Geared to meet both investors` and owners`demands

    Many investors and owners now ask for a quick report on their current assets - some with highly individual demands on form and content. With the bison.box you will be perfectly prepared for whatever you may require.

    The simplest solution is provided by the standardized reporting - Excel-based and intuitive to use. Here, all data and figures are entered automatically. You don’t need to worry about anything - except to make the report available in time.

    At the same time, the bison.box is flexible enough to create completely customized reports - regarding individual questions and also considering manually entered data. The summaries and evaluations appear according to the customer specifications - either relationally or multidimensionally.





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