Corporate Social Responsibility

For control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important factor in the corporate activity. For more than 20 years, we are successful in our field of action and are gladly giving back to society. That's why we sponsor different cultural, social and academical projects. Since especially long-term support means sustainable support, we focus on projects, that we accompany several years.

Our currently sponsored projects are:

  • IREBS International Real Estate Business School

    IREBS International Real Estate Business School

    control.IT supports IRE|BS International Real Estate Business School

    control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH, jointly with HIH Real Estate GmbH (HIH), sponsors the University foundation for real estate industry IRE|BS and thus supports both the institute’s work and the annual real estate symposium of IRE|BS Institut für Immobilienwirtschaft.

    IRE|BS International Real Estate Business School at the University of Regensburg contains ten chairs and professorships in law, economics and business administration as well as 15 honorary and guest professorships. IRE|BS offers executive education in the Rhein-Main area (Eltville), Berlin, Munich and Essen. With its broad range of educational programs in real estate, IRE|BS belongs to the international elite in the academic sector of real estate management.

    The sponsorship offers control.IT and HIH the possibility to get into contact with dedicated students and graduates of IRE|BS and to actively support and create the training of future professionals in the real estate industry. The partners intentionally started this cooperation on a long-term and sustainable basis and have assured their support for several years.

    Jan Körner, CEO of control.IT, sees great opportunities in the sponsorship for both the students and his company and adds, “with the sponsorship, we want to contribute to the successful education of experts in the real estate sector. With today’s requirements, this becomes more and more important. Only high-quality training can lead to capable personnel that can foster the real estate branch. In the age of big data, the importance of data integration and data management should play an important role in students’ education.”

    Find here further information on IRE|BS International Real Estate Business School: www.uni-regensburg.de/forschung/immobilien/irebs/index.html
  • bremer shakespeare company

    bremer shakespeare company

    Cultural Commitment

    control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH supports the culture of Bremen by supporting bremer shakespeare company. The new truck of bremer shakespeare company, traveling all over Germany for guest performances, now shows the logo of control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH.

    Klaus Weinert, CEO of control.IT, regards the support as an important part of the company's corporate social responsibility: "As a successful, medium-sized company, we feel obliged to support the cultural landscape of Bremen. We have clients in all of the German-speaking countries, but our home is Bremen. Being able to contribute to the local culture is very rewarding for us."

    bremer shakespeare company was founded in 1983 and has since committed itself to the modern interpretation of the Shakespearian works. Today, the theatre comprises 25 permanent employees and carries out over 40 guest performances in each season. With more than 100 productions since its foundation and various awards, bremer shakespeare company belongs to the outstanding cultural institutions of Bremen.

    Find here further information on bremer shakespeare company:
  • SOS Child Sponsorship

    SOS Child Sponsorship

    control.IT sponsors a child in Senegal

    SOS-Kinderdorf is an independent organization actively supporting children in over 133 countries. In an SOS children's village, orphans share a home with an SOS mother and siblings within the village community. The children are supposed to grow up in a community and be empowered by nurture and education to create their own future and contribute to society.

    Since 2008 already, control.IT has been supporting a child in Senegal. Our continuous financial aid supports a child in an SOS children's village, about whose development we are regularly infomed. Because of this personal contact we are very fond of this commitment. CEO Klaus Weinert regards this kind of support as especially important and worthy of imitation. "The sponsorship is a great possibilty for us to take on social responsibility. In supporting an SOS child, we see directly where our support is applied. I would be happy if others would also decide themselves for this kind of commitment", he says.

    SOS-Kinderdorf offers a caring home for children, who cannot grow up with their biological parents and helps adolescents and families in need. In the SOS institutions, children and their families receive professional and medical care and access to schooling. With the help of donations and sponsorships, the non-profit association can finance the sustenance of the children.

    Find here further information on SOS children's villages: www.sos-childrensvillages.org
    SOS Child Sponsorship