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Management Team

Die Grafik zeigt einige Personen die sich mit Daten beschäftigen. Sie sind umgeben von Zahnrädern an denen einige arbeiten.


Originally founded as a sole proprietorship, control IT evolved into a company over the years that sets new standards in its field and that is deeply trusted by clients, partners and employees. All of these individuals are experts in their respective fields, and the joint, partnership-based collaboration is ultimately what ensures the steadily growing success for all stakeholders.

The team spirit defines not only our collective effort but even and especially the interaction with clients and partners. We find it fascinating when good solutions turn into excellent ones – and this is how we cope with the demanding and fast-changing expectations in our products and projects as a well-practised team. The special spirit defines us and results in long-term client relationships rooted in partnership.

Corporate Social Responsibility

While looking back on a successful track record, control IT also faces a bright outlook. Principles and accountability are key factors for our corporate and personal actions. Ever since the company was formed in 1995, we have put a premium on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We love sharing some of our success with the society of which we are a part, and are therefore committed to various cultural, academic and social projects. Since we firmly believe in long-term planning, we attach great importance to the support of particularly sustainable causes.

At the moment, we sponsor the following projects: