Network of partners

Premium Property Management System Partners

  • Crem Solutions is a leading German vendor of software solutions for real estate management. Its core product, iX-Haus, is an efficient tool for managing real estate holdings of every kind, and meets all requirements that present themselves in the housing industry, the commercial real estate industry and in corporate real estate management. The program is flexible and of modular structure, and integrates plausibly related solutions provided by partnering companies.

  • Since 1982, the company GiT has been developing the “realax” real estate software, one of the leading German property management software solutions for the administration of mixed-use properties. Areas covered by the modular system include property, facility and asset management as well as accounting.

  • For the purpose of integrating SAP, we collaborate with the IT departments of clients, SAP itself or else the SAP system partners on the client side, such as Boreales, SemTrac and PROMOS.

Partners for Transaction Process Management and Data Capture

  • Coyote software is an acquisition pipeline and asset management platform for commercial real estate base in the UK. Originally developed as proprietary software for M7 Real Estate, it was released as autonomous software unaffiliated with M7 Real Estate under the name Coyote Software in September 2017. Coyote is the only software on the market that will integrate with other best-in-class systems such as by control IT, for instance.

  • PRODA concentrates on addressing core issues that hamper data processing in the commercial real estate sector where unstructured data pose a major obstacle to the digital transformation. PRODA combines real estate expertise with data science in order to develop machine-readable software that automatically captures, standardises, validates and securely saves real estate data from spreadsheet calculations. This enables users to standardise all of their data and to access them regardless of which country, asset class or company they originated in.

Intelligent Data Room (Digital Asset) Partners

  • EVANA is currently considered one of the most advanced solutions for the digital capture, analysis and structuring of data and documents. The EVANA algorithm is based on a combination of artificial, collective and semantic intelligence. Using the documents it processed, EVANA will automatically create an intelligent, complete data room.

  • Architrave is an intelligent permanent data room for the real estate industry. Acting as a central platform, it combines document and data management with functions for the control and management of real estate. Supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, it processes, systematises and analyses documents and data.

Construction and Development Partners

  • The company Reasult BV was formed in the Dutch town of Ede (near Arnhem) in 2000 and develops investment research tools for real estate management purposes. The company is the Dutch market leader and supplies more than 60 percent of the major property developers and builders in the Netherlands with specific software solutions.

  • COOR is a software solution used by the real estate and construction sectors to optimise process-related planning, controlling and managing of costs as well as to systematically organise structures and processes. COOR helps to schedule efficient timelines and to prevent errors, facilitating the integration of data from the planning and construction phases into the

Integration and Implementation Project Partners

  • Glorium Technologies offers software that enhances the convenience and organisational efficiency in your company. Relying on US and offshore IT experts (in Kiev, Ukraine, and Minsk, Belarus), Glorium enables you to use all sorts of different IT solutions.

  • With our experience in data management, project management and controlling, we advise, coordinate and support companies in their implementation, transformation and integration of products provided by our partner control IT. In particular, our staff have extensive, long-term and in-depth experience with the Propport data will assist you as your reliable business partner in any digitisation challenge, taking a modern, solution-driven and fair approach. Digital progress in real estate management and real estate controlling have been our areas of expertise for more than 20 years.

  • The state-of-the-art application hosting, integration, optimisation and support services provided by Hipercept transform complex, disparate industry systems and information of all sorts into a shared and radically homogenised operating environment. Hipercept was taken over by Real Page in 2019.


  • Synapplix GmbH became a member of the control IT group of companies in 2020. As an SAP Silver partner and sponsoring member of the gif research society for the German real estate industry, we have been working on standardised solutions for the tangible assets sector for the past 20 years, the solutions being used primarily by banks and investment fund providers (in the banking sector). Quality-assured data from third-party systems constitute the basis underlying the analyses and scenarios on which our customers base their decisions. The innovative standard software takes account of the specificities of the cash flow management, investment fund management and risk management, among other aspects.

  • As a management consultancy for investment firms, CONNOS specialises in organisational and IT consulting services in compliance with supervisory requirements. Its modular software suite AIFMControl is designed to ensure efficient management, comprehensive compliance and reporting to the Bundesbank and to Germany’s financial supervisory authority, BaFin.

  • Delta Access supports real estate companies in an advisory role. [argo®web] BS is one of their software solutions. It is a platform that pairs specific business requirements with the relevant processes, mobility and controllability. In addition to the smart integration of Microsoft® Office products, [argo®web] BS helps to integrate third-party systems and modular add-ons for on-site and cloud-based use.

  • Assetti® is a modern property and asset management solution that makes direct overviews of individual properties and entire portfolios available on various endpoints – even when not logged into the actual software solution – such as smartphones, tablets and the mobile internet.

  • easol is a joint venture of INTREAL and control IT. The company offers a holistic IT solution for real assets. Under the holistic approach, the easol solution integrates separate software products into a single solution. These software products include SAP (local GAAP and property management), (asset & portfolio management), Boreales ALL.FONDS, iX-Haus (property management) and the propTechs Coyote (Acquisition Pipeline Management), EVANA (intelligent data rooms), PRODA (verified rent rolls) and Docuware (workflow management).